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I am a Japanese blogger of pro-wrestling. I write mainly NJPW and WWE. I born in Osaka and now live in Tokyo.

I started this site since October 27th in 1998. I picked up mainly NJPW especially "nWo JAPAN". My handle name "enuhito" comes from "nWoな人々(enu-W-o-na-hitobito, enuhito for short)".

My site hit No.2 access in Japan at 1990s. But my site once closed due to clash of my computer, then it was revived & restarted as blog. And now my blog is No.1 pro-wrestling website in Japan. People from over 80 counties read my blog now.

I own "nWoな人々" as Japanese prowrestling blog for both English and Japanese, and "enuhito's WWE Banzai" for only Japanese. And I do internet radio show on Twicasting for only Japanese. Many wrestlers like Taiji Ishimori of NOAH & Guts Ishijima come to this radio as guest.

I used to be hardcore fan of Antonio Inoki. Then I loved Keiji Muto(Great Muta) & Masahiro Chono. And I watched WCW & WWF. I was huge fan of Stone Cold & The Rock. Now I am fan of Tanahashi, Nakamura, Okada, Captain New Japan and Honma! And my boom now is Tsuneo Yoshie who is freelance and real brother of Yutaka Yoshie.

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