Shinsuke Nakamura said he wants to get NWA World title


New Japan Cup 2015 first round at otaku Gym Hall drew 4,500 fans and was huge success. But during the show, Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Tomohiro Ishii got quarrel after the match. And Shinsuke Nakamura added them. Nakamura showed his IWGP IC belt to Tenzan. It may be new feud.

At backstage Nakamura said "Did you know that, Tenzan? Hey I don't know at all. Your NWA belt is really shine. I.....may want it!". Then Tenzan replied "Come on Ishii and Nakamura! Anytime! I won't go away. I will put more value on NWA title. Ishii, Nakamura, Come on! Shxt! ".

Tenzan vs Ishii or Tenzan vs Nakamura. It is NWA World title match or.. NWA vs NEVER, NWA vs IWGP IC for double title match. I think why Nakamura did that? Wait..... Is it Tharpe? I think the president of NWA Bruce Tharpe might be related. Nakamura & Tharpe are quarrel on twitter these days. We have to keep eyes on this.

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