Hirooki Goto declared which title he will challenge for if he wins NJC


Hirooki Goto wins the first round of New Japan Cup 2015 against Yuji Nagata. The second round will be against his partner Katsuyori Shibata. It must be great, great match like their match at WK8. NJPW went to Nagano yesterday. After the show at backstage, Goto said "I will win NJC. And I want to say I will aim IWGP heavy weight championship. I will get it! ". As you know, the winner of NJC can choose which title he can challenge for, IWGP heavy weight title, IWGP IC title and NEVER Open Weight title. Goto will choose IWGP heavy weight title

Some said Goto will challenge for IWGP IC because he lost the title against Shinsuke Nakamura. Then Nakamura put great value on the title. Or he will challenge for NEVER against Tomohiro Ishii because their matches in the past were really great. But Goto aims the top of the company. He won NJC 2012 and challenged for IWGP heavy weight championship against Kazuchika Okada but he lost the match. It is revenge. He can say "Tokiha Kita! (It's time!)"

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