Chris Jericho talks about life in Japan and Japanese prowrestling


The latest edition of Chris Jericho's podcast "Talk Is Jericho" has been released. At this time, Samoa Joe who left TNA appeared as a guest. They did not only talk about Joe leaving TNA but also life in Japan which they have in common. They both wrestled in Japan for early his career. Jericho came to FMW, WAR and NJPW. When he came to FMW and WAR, he joined "Fuyuki-Gun" with Kodo Fuyuki, Jado and Gedo. His name was Lion-do. He keeps in touch with Jado and Gedo.

In his podcast, they talked funny stories in Japan.
Jericho said
Jericho : First time I started working for Tenryu's group. I came down to the lobby (of hotel) at 10 o'clock. Lobby at 10 o'clock. Asai, Ultimo Dragon said to me "You are late". I said it was 10 o'clock. No, 10 o'clock means 9:30. I was like that kind of a very meticulous, as you said machine. you be here this time, and show up this time and if you do that, it's the easiest place to work. You show up on time and don't do stupid, you can stay there forever.
There are many funny stories about Japan. I liked Jericho's Hot Cake story. Yeah, if you come to Japan and want to order hot cake, you have to say "Hotto Cakeiki!!!".

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