NJPW owner Kidani mentioned he wants to buy the tape libraries of FMW,UWF,WAR & SWS

NJPW started their internet streaming service called "NJPWworld" since last December. The owner of NJPW Takaaki Kidani is positive to buy tape libraries of other promotions. A fan asked Kidani on twitter "I want you to buy tape libraries of FWM, UWF International, SWS, WAR and other promotions for NJPWWorld.". Then Kidani replied "I really want to do it."

I think Kidani wants to put more resources on NJPWWorld. In order to increase their subscribers, he is considering to but the tape libraries of other companies like FMW and UWF. One of the big problem here is that it is not clear who own those libraries now. It is one of the reason why no official DVDs of FMW,UWF, and WAR things. But I hope NJPW will get more tape libraries.

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