Tenzan attacked Kojima with NWA World heavy weigh title belt


Satoshi Kojima declared to challenge for NWA World Heavy Weight Championship against Hiroyoshi Tenzan. The title match has not been set yet, but their feud has already began. At NJPW Korakuen Hall show last weekend, Kojima took on tag team match against Tenzan. After the match, Tenzan attacked Kojima with NWA title belt.

Kojima got really angry what Tenzan did. At backstage, he said "Hey, why did you hit me with your belt?". And Tenzan said "You lost NJC first round. You said you will win NJC then you will challenge me. But you lost. So you are not deserved for this title. I don't know Tencozy thing. I can beat you.".Tenzan is also angry because Kojima lost NJC first round.

Yes. he is angry, but why did he attacked Kojima with NWA title belt? It is too much. Kojima said "It is same thing as Rob Conway! You sell out to the president of NWA Bruce Tharpe?". We can say Bruce Tharpe may be putting the strings behind the scenes. We have to keep eyes on their feud.

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