Tanahashi said he wants to revenge Yano at INVASION ATTACK PPV


It has been 3 years since last Hiroshi Tanahashi participated in NJC because he was champion. In the NJC 2015 first round at Ota-ku Gym hall, he lost against Toru Yano with small package hold. It was just 167 seconds match. Tanahashi was really upset after the match. And Yano also lost the second round of NJC against Kota Ibushi for only 164 seconds!

Tanahashi wanted to win NJC 2015 and challenge for IWGP heavy weight championship against AJ Styles at NJPW INVASION ATTACK PPV. But he failed to do it. He got interviewed by Tokyo Sports and said "I have so many ways to come back for the title.The first thing I need to do is to revenge Yano!" He declared to take on Yano.

This means Tanahashi vs Yano may be held at INVASION ATTACK on April 5th. He really wants to revenge Yano. But Yano himself ran Tokyo Marathon 2015, and wrestled NOAH Korakuen hall show just after the marathon. He also want to beat Tanahashi in order to make new his DVD series. Of course he aims to do cheap shot on Tanahashi's ball. It must be interesting match.

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