One man, there is one man who will betray NOAH & join Suzuki-Gun


March 15th, NOAH Ariake Colosseum show was nightmare for NOAH. Suzuki-Gun got all the titles of NOAH. Many media reported this news for their headline.

Tokyo Sports reported this news for the front-page coverage. It is rare that prowrestling news get front page these days.
And Yahoo! Japan News also reported this news as headline. Yahoo! Japan news is the most popular news media on internet in Japan. "Suzuki-Gun got all titles" is huge impact for non-wrestling fans.

Suzuki-Gun and NOAH held press conference yesterday. At NOAH side conference, all members of NOAH including Taue, Marufuji, Sugiura, and Morishima attended. It is really big thing because Morishima is heel. They united as one for getting their title back from Suzuki-Gun.   But!! 

As TAKA Michinoku said, there is one man, one man who was not in the conference.
Hey, look. Did you get it? Yeah we can not find one man in the picture above.
And please also look at this picture above. Yeah, he was not here as well. 

Is this conicedence?


Oh, You can not understand? OK.

Yoshinari Ogawa was not there!!

He was not at the press conference yesterday and ending of the show at Ariake Colosseum on March 15th. 

So let's read the press conference of Suzuki-Gun side.

NOAH official website

Suzuki : We will all participate in Global Tag League coming up April. KES, me and Benjamin...and Iizuka. Oh he does not have partner. So I will bring new member. 

Suzuki declared that he will bring new member of Suzuki-Gun for the partner of Iizuka.

Hey look!!

This is the card of TAKA & Taichi produce show tomorrow at Shinuku Face.

Iizuka will take on Ogawa for single match.

New member... of Suzuki-gun...

And according to TAKA Michinoku's live podcast, he said "there is one man who was not at the press conference. He will face Iizuka tomorrow... Somthing will happen..".

Yes. Something will happen tomorrow night.

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