Shibata menitoned the controversail issue about cover of Weekly Prowrestling Magazine. He threw it away!


Katsuyori Shibata appeared on internet prowrestling TV program called "Niconoge" last night. The MC Puchi Kashima asked Shiabta to make some cooment about the controversail issue of Weekly Prowrestling Magazine.

Weekly Prowrestling Magazine reported the shoot match about Yoshiko vs Act Yasukawa of Stardum as headline. Hiroshi Tanahashi has strongly criticiezed the conver of the magazine.

Shibata said he has not watched the match, read the magazine and is not intersterd in the matter at all. But he said he talked about a little bit with Tanahashi.

Shibata said "Weekly Prowrestling Magazine and Tanahashi did not do Lockup." This means they're just not on the same wavelength. He said "some must criticize this cover and Tanahashi did. and they had a talk about it on the magazine. so the magazine should have reported this Tanahashi & the magazine talk as headline. "

I think it is really rare that Shibata menions about things which is not directly retated to him.

and after he finished the talk, he threw away the Weekly Prowrestling Magazine.

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