Hiromu Takahashi said "I'm not Namahage! I'm Kamaitachi! I'll make new history!"


As you may know, mysterious Japanese mask man named "Kamaitachi" of CMLL lost mask vs mask match against Dragon Lee last week.

It turned out to be Hiromu Takahashi of NJPW. He went to UK for excursion but he moved to Mexico to be new mask man in CMLL.

Hiromu : This is not the end, but this is the beginning. I will restart from today. I will make new history from the bottom. You must keep watching at me.

Hiromu : Let me tell you something. Don't confuse me and Namahage! I am Kamaitachi. Hey, Dragon Lee, rematch! one more!

Hiromu : This is the fact(that I lost the match). I lost my mask. But I am not a man who lose confidence by this kind of thing. Dragon Lee, rematch for single match at anywhere

Hiromu : Mask is life for me. I lost my life. But new Kamaitachi has born. I am so mad at myself. Do you guys understand my feeling? This is the start. I will make new history. I will be the best. I will be the best Japanese wrestler in CMLL history.
Great!! Go Hiromu!

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