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    I am a Japanese blogger of pro-wrestling. I write mainly NJPW and WWE. I born in Osaka and now live in Tokyo.

    I started this site since October 27th in 1998. I picked up mainly NJPW especially "nWo JAPAN". My handle name "enuhito" comes from "nWoな人々(enu-W-o-na-hitobito, enuhito for short)".

    My site hit No.2 access in Japan at 1990s. But my site once closed due to clash of my computer, then it was revived & restarted as blog. And now my blog is No.1 pro-wrestling website in Japan. People from over 80 counties read my blog now.

    I own "nWoな人々" as Japanese prowrestling blog for both English and Japanese, and "enuhito's WWE Banzai" for only Japanese. And I do internet radio show on Twicasting for only Japanese. Many wrestlers like Taiji Ishimori of NOAH & Guts Ishijima come to this radio as guest.

    I used to be hardcore fan of Antonio Inoki. Then I loved Keiji Muto(Great Muta) & Masahiro Chono. And I watched WCW & WWF. I was huge fan of Stone Cold & The Rock. Now I am fan of Tanahashi, Nakamura, Okada, Captain New Japan and Honma! And my boom now is Tsuneo Yoshie who is freelance and real brother of Yutaka Yoshie.

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    3/5 New Japan Cup 2015 first round result Otaku hall

    ・BadLuck Fale defeat Kazuchika Okada with BadLuck Fall 
    Toru Yano defeat Hiroshi Tanahashi with small package hold
    Tetsuya Naito defeat Karl Anderson with Stardust Press
    Kota Ibushi defeat Doc Gallows with Frankensteiner
    Togi Makabe defeat Tomoaki Honma with KingKong Knee Drop
    Yujiro Takahashi defeat YOSHI-HASHI with Tokyo Pimps
    Hirooki Goto defeat Yuji Nagata with Shoten-Kai
    Katsuyori Shibata defeat Satoshi Kojima with Go2Sleep & PK

    3/8 NJC second round will be

    Yano vs Ibushi
    Naito vs Fale
    Makabe vs Yujiro
    Goto vs Shibata
    at Korakuen hall. 

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