March 2015

    Exclusive : Hideo Itami gave us a comment for WWE Universe in Japan after WrestleMania 31

    Hideo Itami(former KENTA) wrestled "Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal" at WrestleMania 31 last night.

    He gave my blog a comment for WWE Universe in Japan after WrestleMania 31.


    Thank you very much for your support from Japan.

    It is great honor to be able to fight at WrestleMania in front of the great legend.

    I will do my best for wrestling in this great event again.

    Thank you, /Hayashi

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    Exclusive interview with Dorian Roldán of AAA talking about Perro Aguayo Jr & Rey Mysterio Jr

    As I reported, the top star of Lucha Libre AAA El Hijo del Perro, also known as Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away due to the tragic accident at the match in a municipal auditorium in Tijuana on March 20th.

    This NEWS rapidly spread to not only Mexico but also US, Japan and around the world. It is because the former WWE super star & now AAA roster Rey Mysterio Jr was one of his opponent at the match. It was tag team match Perro Aguayo Jr & Manik vs Rey Mysterio Jr & Xtreme Tiger.

    One big Japanese news paper reported misinformation about this accident saying "Aguayo Jr was died by 619 of Rey Mysterio Jr. and the state prosecutor's office has opened an investigation for Rey possible of murder.". Then many Japanese fans were worry about it.

    I pointed out the misinformation on my blog. And I confirmed the real fact about this accident to General Manager of AAA Dorian Roldán last night. He visited Japan on March 25 & 26th for his business. And I met him thanks to my friend & AAA Japan agent Mr.Hayashi and have an exclusive interview about this issue.


    The interview with Dorian is below.
    enuhito(me) : The news of Perro Aguayo Jr's death has reported huge in Japan too. Do you know the report?

    Dorian : Yes, I know the report of Japanese newspaper. It was "accident". It is not the fact that Rey Mysterio Jr is under investigation for possible murder.

    enuhito : Have you found the cause of death yet?

    Dorian : Yes. Many people believe the cause of death is Rey's dropkick. But it is not true. Perro got Hurricane Rana by Rey and fell down to outside of the ring. At that time his cervical neck hit the edge of apron. Normally, the apron is covered by mat & sponge. But during the match, the cover was slipped off and steel frame of the ring was naked. So Perro directly hit his cervical neck on the steel frame. That was the direct cause of his death. Of course it is not related to Rey's 619 which is reported in Japan. The people around the match realized something was wrong. But they thought he just lost consciousness. The match continued for almost two minutes, then medical personnel transferred Aguayo to the hospital.

    enuhito : I heard that Rey got really shocked by this accident.

    Dorian : Yes. he is so sad, so sad. He went to Perro's funeral. And he met family of Perro. They really admired Rey and said to him "it was accident".

    enuhito : Do you & Rey know the big movement for Rey on SNS? They are saying "Do not blame Rey".

    Dorian : Yes. I know, and Rey also knows it. I am sure he got a lot of courage from them.
    This is my interview with Mr.Dorian. As you read, the cause of his death is hitting his cervical neck on the steel frame. And he denied the misinformation about Japanese newspaper report.


    Thank you very much for Dorian and Hayashi-san. Dorian stayed in Japan for only two days. He must be tired due to a a long flight. but he gave me a smile for my camera. Muchas Gracias.

    Thanks to

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    Hiromu Takahashi said "I'm not Namahage! I'm Kamaitachi! I'll make new history!"


    As you may know, mysterious Japanese mask man named "Kamaitachi" of CMLL lost mask vs mask match against Dragon Lee last week.

    It turned out to be Hiromu Takahashi of NJPW. He went to UK for excursion but he moved to Mexico to be new mask man in CMLL.

    Hiromu : This is not the end, but this is the beginning. I will restart from today. I will make new history from the bottom. You must keep watching at me.

    Hiromu : Let me tell you something. Don't confuse me and Namahage! I am Kamaitachi. Hey, Dragon Lee, rematch! one more!

    Hiromu : This is the fact(that I lost the match). I lost my mask. But I am not a man who lose confidence by this kind of thing. Dragon Lee, rematch for single match at anywhere

    Hiromu : Mask is life for me. I lost my life. But new Kamaitachi has born. I am so mad at myself. Do you guys understand my feeling? This is the start. I will make new history. I will be the best. I will be the best Japanese wrestler in CMLL history.
    Great!! Go Hiromu!

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    One really important point of view for AJ Styles vs Kota Ibushi at INVASION ATTACK


    The cover of Monthly Gong this month is Kota Ibushi. I think he is the MVP so far in 2015. He did really good match against Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 9. and he beat HARASHIMA & became the new KO-D Open Weight Champion at DDT Saitama Super Arena show. and he won New Japan Cup 2015. I think he keeps doing well, he would get Tokyo Sports Prowrestling award MVP this year.

    and he will challenge for IWGP heavy weight championship against AJ Styles at INVASION ATTACK PPV.

    There is a really important point of view for this mtach. It is .......

    Yes. Ibushi vs Kenny Omega. After Kenny turned heel and joined Bulletclub. Both two men never meet. as you know they used to be really good tag team called "Golden Lovers".

    Ibushi will not fight against Kenny at this tour but Kenny will be at ring side for AJ Styles.

    How will they react when they meet again.

    I am really interested in.

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    Shibata menitoned the controversail issue about cover of Weekly Prowrestling Magazine. He threw it away!


    Katsuyori Shibata appeared on internet prowrestling TV program called "Niconoge" last night. The MC Puchi Kashima asked Shiabta to make some cooment about the controversail issue of Weekly Prowrestling Magazine.

    Weekly Prowrestling Magazine reported the shoot match about Yoshiko vs Act Yasukawa of Stardum as headline. Hiroshi Tanahashi has strongly criticiezed the conver of the magazine.

    Shibata said he has not watched the match, read the magazine and is not intersterd in the matter at all. But he said he talked about a little bit with Tanahashi.

    Shibata said "Weekly Prowrestling Magazine and Tanahashi did not do Lockup." This means they're just not on the same wavelength. He said "some must criticize this cover and Tanahashi did. and they had a talk about it on the magazine. so the magazine should have reported this Tanahashi & the magazine talk as headline. "

    I think it is really rare that Shibata menions about things which is not directly retated to him.

    and after he finished the talk, he threw away the Weekly Prowrestling Magazine.

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